Google Currents

Google Currents

My friend Jimoh told me about the new Google Current application that came out a couple days ago. I absolutely love the app.

Google’s app effectively takes out the need to have individual apps such as Forbes or Mashable. I was impressed.

That was until my two cohorts argued many valid points.

1) Almost everyone is doing this: Pulse, Facebook, Zite, Flipboard

It also seems as though Google Currents is the last phase of all of these rounds of ‘News’ Applications.

2) Avni’s question, “Why would I download this application if I have every application already? Also, why would I sacrifice the individualized characteristics of each app by switching to Google Currents?”

This brings up a good point. Apps like BBC News and CNN have apps that have many perks to them that can’t be seen through Google Currents.

3) It’s just not impressive. Because everyone is developing this technology, Google Currents doesn’t really stand out. It’s just among the crowd.

In the end, I’ll still probably use it just because it’s a Google product. They really do need to step up their game though. It’s super pretty, much prettier than Pulse News.

My friends and I want to see something that is convincing. Something that will change the way we view an app that contains apps. It’s convenient, but it isn’t necessary.

Facebook did it with the social sharing of ‘What are your friends currently reading on the Washington Post?’ So maybe a new innovation will soon come out.


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