List of Movies/ Documentaries

A very trusted friend sent me a list of movies and documentaries to watch. They are all available on Netflix on demand.

The Buddha: documentary about Buddha’s life
180 degrees South: excellent documentary about this man’s journey to climb patagonia with the men who founded North Face and Patagonia
Fish Out of Water: documentary about how people incorrectly reference the bible about gay issues. VERY informing
Wasteland: documentary about artist Vic Muniz and this amazing art project he completes in Brazil with recyclable materials
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: funny English movie. Guy Ritchie directed it
Salaam Bombay: painfully beautiful movie about children in the slums of India
Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction: Tarantino film. excellent
The Fountain: Aronofsky film. visually beautiful
The Bicycle Thief: Old Italian movie about a son and father. Very beautiful & classic.
A Very Long Engagement: Same director that did Amelie. Amazing
Dog Day Afternoon: based on a true story about a bank robbery. Al Pacino is in it
Like Water for Chocolate: Mexican love story. Food is incorporated. Based on the book
Soul Kitchen: German film. Hilarious– but me and jo have a strange sense of humor lol
Black Hawk Down: based on a true story about when an American military helicopter is stranded in Somalia. Hans Zimmer is the composer. Beautiful
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest: True story about a man in a mental institution. Jack Nicolson is in it
Virgin Suicides: Sofia Coppola daughter of Francis Ford Coppola (Apocalypse Now). About daughters limited by their strict parents and the extreme measures they take
Boys Don’t Cry: based on a true story about a woman that disguises as a man and falls in love with a woman and her struggles about it– really sad. Hilary Swank is amazing in it.
The Machinist: Christian Bale lost an incredible amount of weight. Interesting story
Being John Malkovich: Spike Jonez film. Interesting plot.
Punch Drunk Love: Adam Sandler. Somewhat artsy film.


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